Who we are


We aim to provide an innovative, creative, ethical and capable service that helps you reach your goal - whatever that may be.

We share a common aim - to encourage people to break out of the boxes they've been put in and to rip off the labels society sticks on us - and do something different.

Why should your in-house media training be conducted by a stuffed shirt armed with a Powerpoint presentation and raft of printed material?

Why should a lecture be one person talking to a group about textbook practice?

Why should your press release bang-on about your business when you or your employees are the most newsworthy aspect of it?

Think different.

We already have a number of clients using our services. We lecture in colleges - PR, interview techniques, researching a story, feature writing for example.

And we also conduct training and carry out public relations work for charities, write and sub edit for newspapers.

We can put together eye-catching publications

When we're not doing that we're trying to take ideas forward using the expertise and experience of others in the know.

Basically, we'll do anything we can turn our hands to. Test us.

Creative Services: There is no limit to where creativity can be used. Your presentation to the board, your company newsletter, your work night out. Let our brains do the work to come up with new ways of doing things.

Ideas Outlet: How many good ideas have been left behind in the pub? Too many. Get it down on paper now and see how the thing snowballs once we've had a look at it.

Public Relations: We have the expertise to get your company the coverage you desire. In our time at local and national newspapers we have 'binned' hundreds of press releases for being boring or just blatant advertising. Our experience and creative ideas can prevent this from happening to your press release. We can also provide press releases in response to media enquiries at short notice.

Role-play Training/Lecturing: Poor employees and students. They have to sit and listen to some guest trainer/lecturer prattle on about do's and don'ts and how the textbook says you should deal with interviewees. We live in the real world - which is why our training/lectures are based on actual experience - swearwords and all!

Freelance Journalists: We won't bore you with our long list of qualities when it comes to this area. If you need us to write something then give us a call.

The Edition Quiz: If you're looking for a quiz with a difference - where the audience get to be creative and make satirical comments on the week's news - then look no further. Our original news quiz has enjoyed successful runs in Stirling and Edinburgh, with the quizmaster even managing a one-off fundraising effort for ChildLine! Contact us for more details.