How does it work?


Together with our database of contacts we can do just about anything. When you come to us for help, if we can't do it ourselves, we go to them.

For example:

What you want: To get the media interested in the launch of a new product or event (like the balloon festival, pictured right) featuring pictures and articles.

What we do: Talk to you about the product, the business and the message you want to get across, write your press releases and target appropriate media. We then go to a contact - a photographer - to do the bits that we can't.

We have access to many professional photographers

Example two:

What you want: You've had a brilliant idea but don't know quite know how to go about it.

What we do: Sit down and brainstorm with you. Go to appropriate contacts for advice on the best way to advance the idea.

Our contacts work for themselves. They will detail what they can deliver and name their price. We collate the information, take a small percentage fee, and present it all to you for a decision. Quality service with no hassle.