Case Study

FirstPoint USA FirstPoint USA is a leading sports scholarship consultancy, which helps talented athletes pursue their playing and academic careers in the USA.

Although Managing Director Andrew Kean had plenty of ideas and knew what kind of media coverage he was looking for he had neither the time nor the staff to carry out this function.


He needed There’s Yer Dinner to:

  • » Contact a vast number of clients and write and send press releases about their forthcoming scholarships in the US to local and regional newspapers and radio.
  • » Cherry-pick the best of those case studies for national media.
  • » Come up with a poster which could be placed in schools, colleges, universities and sports facilities across the UK.
  • » Approach certain magazine publications to raise awareness of FirstPoint USA and the opportunities available to young, aspiring athletes.

There's Yer Dinner secured coverage on national TV news and radio programmes. In addition the articles printed by national, regional and local papers reached a combined circulation of more than 1.1 million people. Articles were also secured in magazines, including Esquire.